Friday, 7 September 2012

Chelsea FC Supporters Trust - Start Up Meeting Sat 22/9

Chelsea FC Supporters Trust

Public Start-Up Meeting

18.15 Sat 22nd September @ The Barrow Boy Pub
(after the Stoke home game)

Overwhelmingly positive feedback has been received from our initial e-mails, blogs and tweets on the idea of a Chelsea FC Supporters Trust (see for details of the information then circulated). 
It is clear that many Chelsea supporters believe that there is a lack of engagement by the club with its supporters, and that the idea of a Supporters Trust is, at the very least, worth exploring as a means of increasing the voice of supporters and enter into a positive dialogue with the club. 
Given this, we have arranged an start-up meeting, to which all Chelsea fans are invited, to be held after the forthcoming Stoke City home game, at 18.15 on Saturday September 22nd.

·         This meeting gives Chelsea supporters a chance to learn more about what a trust is, what it stands for, what it could realistically achieve and why we feel Chelsea supporters should have one, based on the Supporters Trust model.  There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions.
·         A representative of Supporters Direct (who have helped set up 150+ supporters trusts) will attend to explain their role and how trusts, adopting a transparent, democratic and co-operative model, have been successfully implemented at other clubs

·         There will be a discussion and vote on whether to move to establish a Chelsea Supporters Trust run on democratic and transparent lines.

Ultimately we aim for a Chelsea FC Supporters Trust to represent the views of as many Chelsea supporters as possible.

Upstairs Bar, Barrow Boy Pub
308-310 North End Road London SW6 1NQ (near McDonalds)
                                     (We anticipate the meeting lasting a maximum of 90 minutes)

***All Chelsea Supporters Welcome***

More information on the idea of a Chelsea FC Supporters Trust at and on Twitter @cfcstrust

Cliff Auger, Neil Beard, David Johnstone & Tim Rolls

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