Friday, 15 February 2013

A Big Thank You from the Chelsea Supporters Trust!

A Big Thank You from the Chelsea Supporters Trust!

As many of you know the Chelsea Supporters Trust held its inaugural meeting at the CIU Club on Saturday 9th February, after the Wigan game.

The response and turn out by the Chelsea supporters was unprecedented. Going on the experience of previous meetings where around 30-50 had turned up, the Working Group felt that hiring a room close to the ground which could accommodate about 100 supporters would be more than adequate.

How wrong we were! The room had at least 150 supporters crammed inside a good 30 minutes before the meeting was due to start. A further 200-300 were queuing outside waiting to get in. The Working Group would like to apologise profusely to all those who could not get in – many of whom were friends who had helped to get the Trust off the ground and had been to every meeting so far. We genuinely had not foreseen the interest the meeting would provoke. Meetings from now on will be open to members of the Trust only, so this situation should not arise in future, and obviously we will be looking to hire more suitable venues and get a better handle on how many are likely to turn up. But once again, thanks for your support and apologies for any inconvenience caused.

On reflection, it is clear that there is a lot of goodwill for the Trust and why it is being set up. Many who could not get in were very understanding about the situation and took it in the good humour typical of Chelsea supporters! It also tells us that there is a clear need to come together and get to the heart of the issues that are most important to Chelsea supporters and ensure that their voice is heard. Hundreds have already signed up, many at the Launch Meeting itself.

The Working Group will now embark on a full scale member recruitment drive to sign up as many members as possible to give the Trust the legitimacy it will need to take the voice of the supporters to the Club. Please sign up, spread the word, and get your friends to join as well!

On 20th February, the Working Group will be holding a meeting to review the launch meeting and agree the next steps working towards the AGM to be held in the summer.  The plan going forward is to canvass the growing membership’s views on key issues associated with the Club.  A key initiative is likely to be a membership survey and the Trust is very keen to solicit membership opinion on priorities and key issues as soon as it is practical. Please look out for our communications on the Chelsea Supporters website; Twitter; Facebook and other media so that you can play a full part in this. The results of this will then be presented to the Chelsea FC representatives at the appropriate time.

We’ll be posting a blog, photos and video of the Launch Meeting shortly, so look out for that on the website too.

Once again, we’d like to thank you all for your support so far, and will endeavour to pay back the faith you have shown in the Chelsea Supporters Trust. We will be working hard on your behalf over the coming months and years to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

The Chelsea Supporters Trust Working Group

Twitter: @ChelseaSTrust

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