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Chelsea Supporters Trust Newsletter September 2013

Chelsea Supporters Trust Newsletter September 2013

Annual General Meeting

The start of the new football season has seen a flurry of activity at the Chelsea Supporters Trust, with the Annual General Meeting taking place at Stamford Bridge the day 
before the first game of the season against Hull. The AGM was preceded by a hugely enjoyable tour of West Brompton Cemetery, particularly focussing on graves connected with Chelsea FC.

The AGM was well attended, and further boosted by the input of those attending via Mixlr. The Membership were asked to consider motions driven by the Membership Survey held in the Spring, before going away to vote on these electronically. 

At the AGM a series of motions (1-8 below) were presented by the working group, as well as a motion (9 below) from the floor. The topics of the motions were driven by the results of the recent membership survey. 

Results of AGM Motions

Following the electronic voting process, the results of the motions were as follows:-

Motion 1 (Finance) Yes 78.5%
Motion 2 (Affiliation to FSF and SD) Yes 98.1%
Motion 3 (Fans Forum Membership) Yes 96.2%
Motion 4 (Future of Stamford Bridge) Yes 80.2%
Motion 5 (Safe Standing and Atmosphere Concerns) Yes 90.5%
Motion 6 (Viagogo and other Secondary Ticketing Agencies) Yes 89.8%
Motion 7 (Ticketing / Supporter Issues) Yes 98.1%
Motion 8 (Football In the Community) Yes 93.6%
Motion 9 (Not dealing with Sky media outlets) Yes 56.8%

These provide a clear steer to the board in terms of priorities, and work is currently taking place to translate this into clear action plans. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Board Election Results

Following the election process (using an independent scrutineer from Fulham Supporters Trust), the CST now has an elected board. At the first CST Board meeting on 5th September, the following roles were allocated amongst the nine elected members following a series of votes:-

Chair - Tim Rolls
Vice Chair - Neil Beard
Treasurer / Website - Stuart Kinner
Communications - David Chidgey
Membership - Celia Mindelsohn

Stakeholder Relationships - Cliff Auger / David Johnstone
Overseas Membership Focal Point - Julian Beattie (who is also 2013/14 Fans Forum rep)
Trust Administration / Social Events - Theresa Magee

Paul Jeffrey will continue as CST secretary, an ex-officio position. Non-voting co-optees will be nominated to the board as appropriate and Ross Mooring was co-opted onto the CST board as Social Media focal point.

Board members are now considering their own areas of responsibility to see how they can best be carried out prior to the next Board meeting on 19th September.

Other News

  • A sample of the badge that will be distributed to Trust members has arrived and is currently being considered by the Board.
  • We have been approached by individuals who received banning orders from Chelsea after incidents at the games at Aston Villa and in Amsterdam last season, asking for help. We are providing advice and guidance as appropriate, ensuring they liaise with the FSF and understand the club appeals process.
  • As part of our desire for closer liaison with the local community we will be leafleting local businesses and residents next month, trying to build closer relationships and identify their issues and concerns.
  • The home game against Fulham on 21st September (17:30 kick off) will see the return of a CST presence at the CFCUK stall opposite Fulham Broadway Tube Station. For 90 minutes prior to each weekend game, a Trust Board member will be on hand to answer any queries members have. This will also give an additional opportunity to those of you who are currently non-voting members to become paid-up members of the Trust. You can, of course, upgrade to full membership at any time on the CST website.

We’ll be back next month with the latest news from the Chelsea Supporters Trust – making your voice heard.

'Making Your Voice Heard'

Chelsea Supporters Trust

Twitter: @ChelseaSTrust

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