Monday, 3 March 2014

Loyalty Points for Key Away Matches

Loyalty Points for Key Away Matches

A number of CST members have raised the issue as to why the Crystal Palace away game was not sold on a loyalty points basis. We did raise the Crystal Palace issue with the club some weeks ago. They responded as they have previously - the club only changes the ticketing policy with regard to loyalty points for games of high importance. Apart from the designated games (e.g. Arsenal, Manchester United) the remaining away Premier League games are put on open sale to season ticket holders and members to give all supporters a chance to attend away games.

Liverpool away will be sold on a loyalty points basis as usual. We have contacted the club regarding Cardiff away, which could be a game of critical importance. They have advised us that they will look at the Cardiff away (and Norwich home) games nearer the time they go on sale - if they are seen to be of high importance then it is likely they will be sold on a loyalty points basis, in keeping with what has happened in previous seasons.

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