Saturday, 21 February 2015

Incidents with French Police outside the Parc Des Princes

CST Statement: Incidents with French Police outside the Parc Des Princes

Many CST members have contacted us to express their anger and concern regarding the behaviour of French police outside the Parc Des Princes before Tuesday’s Champions League game with Paris Saint-Germain. CS spray and batons were used on Chelsea supporters queuing to get in, with no obvious provocation. We have heard strories of women, children and elderly supporters being among those subjected to totally unwarranted police action. Hundreds of supporters missed kick off and others left the area completely and missed the game, not wanting to be among those hurt. Additionally, we have heard reports of overzealous policing inside the ground and also in the city centre before the match.

The club is keen to hear from as many supporters who were caught up in these incidents as possible. The link to submit your experiences to the club on the official website is here. Many Chelsea supporters have already contacted the club to recount their experiences and we urge others to do so.

The behaviour of the French police was, in our view, totally unacceptable and it is not the first time British supporters have had problems of this type in France in recent years. It is only by those affected reporting what went on, to assist the club in making strong representations to UEFA, that this situation can change.

For the Chelsea Supporters Trust statement on the Paris Metro video, see here.

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