Monday, 7 September 2015

AGM Motions and Board Election Results

AGM Motions and Board Election Results

Trust Board Election

The following have been elected to the Trust Board:

Cliff Auger, Neil Beard, Julian Beattie, David Chidgey, Debra Coady, Dave Johnstone, Celia Mindelsohn, Tim Rolls, Richard Weekes

The ninth and tenth placed candidates received the same number of votes. In order for a Board of 9 elected members to be formed, Iain Rodger volunteered to withdraw from the election proceedings. The newly appointed Board has since voted to co-opt Iain to the Board as a non-voting member.

AGM Motions

The results of the vote on the Motions proposed (full details here) at the recent AGM are as follows:

1. Approval of 2014/5 Accounts 84.58%
2. Affiliations 97.61%
3. Stamford Bridge Redevelopment 99.52%
4. Future of Chelsea Pitch Owners 93.81%
5. Atmosphere and Safe Standing 94.29%
6. Ticketing and Supporter Issues 98.57%
7. Ticket Touting 95.24%
8. Membership of Safety Advisory Group 96.65%
9. Stakeholder Engagement 97.14%
10. Football in the Community 94.76%

All motions were therefore passed. The Board will meet again shortly to develop plans to ensure the motions passed by you, the members, are taken forward in an affective and appropriate manner.

Thanks to all who voted.

An audio recording (podcast) of the meeting is available to listen to here. Unfortunately, at this time, due to unforeseen circumstances, the minutes of the meeting are unavailable. They will be updated to this blog in due course.

UPDATE: The minutes of the meeting are now available to view here.

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